Simulation for Corporates

Business Management Simulation

Business Management Simulation exposes participants to real economic, environmental and business issues related to finance, operations and marketing. Participants are empowered to develop strategy, execute tactics and analyze competitors. They go through the pains and gains of running a company in a hypothetical environment and see the impact of their decisions on business in the process develop business acumen.

Philosophy Of Business Management Simulation

The concept stands for 'Learning by Doing', a pure experiential mode. Like a flight or plant simulator, a participant here is better geared up towards making smarter decisions under stressful circumstances, managing time and resources. Participants adopt entrepreneurial approach that hones visioning, functional coordination and strategic thinking to implement/revise course of action and experience a transition from a functional leader to a strategy specialist at all levels.


Chanakya - A Business Management Simulator

Chanakya, a Business Management Tool designed as computer simulation, simulates scenarios that replicate the emerging markets. Business Simulators are recognized as the fastest and most effective environments for learning. It challenges the participants on the following:

  • Business acumen
  • Decision making skills
  • Understanding intrinsic organizational strengths and external competition
  • Ability to think like executive management
  • Planning and strategizing business moves futuristically


The simulator can be used for the following:

  • As a classroom program with extensive facilitation towards the intervention objectives
  • As a remote program where participation is through internet
  • As a part of an assessment or development center
  • As a leased program administered by in-house HR/ Faculty Please Contact Us to know more.

Chanakya Businesss Simulation Process

  1. A team of 3 - 4 members participate in 5 rounds spread over 2 days
  2. Members play CEO, CFO, COO, CMO and HR (depending on the scenario)
  3. Each team represents a virtual enterprise
  4. Each team comprehends a Business Case presented with economic, inventory and financial data to navigate their enterprise further
  5. A team is challenged on a mix of operations, market trend, branding, pricing, employee, customer perception depending on the specific Simulation
  6. Participants are additionally challenged by moves the competitors are making in a dynamic environment


The program is designed for professionals who are looking at rising up the leadership ladder towards more accountable positions.


  • Basic - MTs, GETs and Junior Managers
  • General - Mid-level Managers
  • Advanced - Senior Managers
  • Complex - Strategic Thinkers


  • Nurture business acumen through Business Simulation.
  • Understanding the working relationship of management functions
  • Hone operative and strategic decision making skills
  • Understand financial implications on business
  • Work futuristically towards increasing market share/profits
  • Enduring crisis conditions with a rational thought process
  • Comprehend an organization with a 360 degree perspective/think like Executive Management