National Management Games - 2019

The National Competition for Business Management Simulations (NMG) is the single largest platform that engages and challenges Corporate Managers in Time Bound Decision Making and Strategizing constraints. It is a National Competition aimed at raising on the ground Business Skills of the Management Fraternity in the country. In over two decades now, more than 10,000 managers and 500 organisations have already benefited from AIMA's Business Management Simulation Game. Competition usually starts around the month of April - May of every calendar year. The business simulation is highly interactive and realistic as one team's decisions affect other teams as in a realistic competitive economy. The decisions are evaluated through the software "Chanakya" developed indigenously in India. The Champion team and Runners Up I of the NMG go on to represent India at the Asian Management Games (AMG) and later at Global Challenge Trophy. It could be your company's chance to win the National Championship and have the honour of representing the Country at both the Competitions.

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Brochure NMG 2019

NMG 2019 Dates and Venues

(Western Round)
Training Round
Prelim Round
Regional Final
20 May
21 – 22 May
23 May
Welingkar Institute of Management Development
and Research (WeSchool), Lakhamsi Napoo
Road, Opp.Matunga Gymkhana, Matunga,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019
(Eastern Round)
Training Round
Prelim Round
Regional Final
10 June
11 – 12 June
13 June
KIIT School of Management, KIIT University
KIIT Campus - 7, Krishna Campus
Bhubaneswar - 751024, Odisha
(Southern Round)
Training Round
Prelim Round
Regional Final
24 June
25 – 26 June
27 June
International School of Management Excellence (ISME)
88, Chembanahalli, Near Dommasandra Circle,
Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-562125
New Delhi
(Northern Round)
Prelim 1
Training Round
Prelim Round

1 July
2 – 3 July
Prelim 2
Training Round
Prelim Round

8 July
9 – 10 July
Prelim 3
Training Round

15 July
All India Management Association,
Convention Hall, 15 Link Road - Lajpat Nagar Part 3,
New Delhi - 110024
Prelim Round 16 – 17 July J.K Business School
Gurgram Sohna Expressway,
Damdama Lake Road, Gurgaon - 122102
Northern Regional Final 18 July
GRAND Finale : 20 July, 2019
Radisson Blu: Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, National Highway 8, New Delhi - 110037

The Game Process

  1. We use proprietary software "Chanakya" for the 2 day Business Simulation Programme that is conducted by the faculty from AIMA.
  2. All participants are divided into team of 2-3 members. Each will be designated the position of CEO, CFO, COO or CMO to take care of each function of the company.
  3. Hypothetical case scenario is presented to the participants. They have to take decisions to maximize the winning criteria. After every round new developments are intimated to them like strike by labor, increase in cost price etc. Case presented will be on a particular industry that we have developed, considering the real world conditions. For Example we have the Steel Industry case where there are 4 different finished products with different selling prices and two raw materials are required to produce these finished goods.
  4. First day will start with short briefing of 1-2 hour that detail the simulation, followed by 5 Qtrs/ decision round of 2 hrs each that are spread over 2 days.
  5. Teams will compete in the market to maximize pre-defined winning criteria by selling the company product line in the market.
  6. Participants give their Decisions and we input them in our software "Chanakya". Based on the decisions taken by the whole group our dynamic programme calculates the winning criteria.
  7. They will decide on the pricing of the product, advertising of the product, taking bank loan to maintain the cash flow, buy plant & machinery etc. All team members will take decision to out-perform their competitors.
  8. We play 5 rounds and in each round we give market updates like change in labour cost for producing the finished good, increase in raw material cost, change in government policy that can increase taxation on the finished goods etc.
  9. All decisions taken by team will affect their competitors too. For Example, one team Advertising will be able to sell more in the market compared to others who are not spending on advertisements.
  10. Exercise covers all aspects of business i.e. Finance, Marketing, Operations etc. A whole lot of decisions need to be taken by a team in each round, so all 4 members have to participate closely to meet the deadline.

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The Past Winners

  • 1st - IOCL
    2nd - SAIL
    3rd - Maruti
    NMG 2018
  • 1st - Power Grid Corp
    2nd - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation ltd
    3rd - NTPC
    NMG 2017
  • 1st - Power Grid Corp
    2nd - NTPC
    3rd - ONGC
    NMG 2016
  • 1st - NTPC
    2nd - Power Grid Corp
    3rd - SAIL
    NMG 2015
  • 1st - IOCL
    2nd - Hero Moto Corp
    3rd - SAIL
    NMG 2014
  • 1st - IOCL
    2nd - Power Grid Corp
    3rd - HPCL
    NMG 2013
  • 1st - PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd, Gurgaon
    2nd - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Gurgaon
    3rd - CESC, Kolkata
    NMG 2012
  • 1st - NTPC Ltd, Delhi
    2nd - Indian Oil Corporation, Delhi
    3rd - CESC, Kolkata
    NMG 2011
  • 1st - SAIL, Bokaro
    2nd - PowerGrid Corporation
    3rd - NTPC Ltd
    NMG 2010
  • 1st - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    2nd - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
    3rd - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
    NMG 2009
  • 1st - NTPC - Ramagundam
    2nd - SAIL - Bokaro Steel Plant
    3rd - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Kolkata
    NMG 2008
  • 1st - Reliance Industries Ltd - Mumbai
    2nd - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Delhi
    3rd - NTPC Ltd - Auriya
    NMG 2007
  • 1st - Ashok Leyland
    2nd - Reliance Industries
    3rd - Reliance Industries
    NMG 2006
  • 1st - Maruti Udyog Ltd
    2nd - Neyveli Lingnites
    3rd - Reliance Industries
    NMG 2005
  • 1st - BPCL
    2nd - Reliance Industries
    3rd - Indian Oil
    NMG 2004
  • 1st - Tata Steel
    2nd - Tata Motors
    3rd - IOCL
    NMG 2003
  • 1st - Tata Steel
    2nd - Siemens Ltd
    3rd - BHEL
    NMG 2002
  • 1st - Tata Steel
    2nd - Siemens Ltd
    3rd - IOCL
    NMG 2001
  • 1st - ONGC
    2nd - ICRA
    3rd - IOCL
    NMG 2000
  • 1st - Philips
    2nd - ONGC
    3rd - Ispat Industries
    NMG 1999
  • 1st - ONGC
    2nd - MMTC
    3rd - Fujitsu
    NMG 1998
  • 1st - MMTC
    2nd - Fujitsu
    3rd - ONGC
    NMG 1997
  • 1st - MMTC
    2nd - IOCL
    3rd - Wipro
    NMG 1996
  • 1st - Siemens
    2nd - BHEL
    3rd - Parry Confectionery
    NMG 1995
  • 1st - BHEL
    2nd - Parry Confectionery
    3rd - MMTC
    NMG 1994
  • 1st - BHEL
    2nd - UB Group
    3rd - Tata Tea
    NMG 1993
  • 1st - BHEL
    2nd - MMTC
    3rd - Eicher Moters
    NMG 1992